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Terms of access

Terms and conditions of access to the internet space of General Commercial Northern Greece, GEVE

These web pages operate under the jurisdiction of GEVE, the company that is officially registered according to the Hellenic laws (Φ.Ε.Κ. Νο 662/1974 ) and has official offices at the address :


Thus, these web pages have the approval of GEVE, and companies related to it.

1. Copyrights

All the content of these pages is under the copyright of GEVE. It is prohibited to reproduce this content, that is stored in memory as long as it is online. More of, you can print full pages for your own use. From time to time, there is the possibility for GEVE to give you the opportunity to download wallpapers and screen savers or other useful content from the Internet. Those procedures are covered by procedures of GEVE for the installation of programs to the computer.

2. Connection to the web page

If you want to have link with those pages, this link should be the "homepage" of GEVE.

3. Accuracy of information

All the information on this page are designed for the customers of GEVE and should not be used for any other purpose. GEVE will put all the possible effort to provide exact information to the Internet, and according to the up to date information. GEVE keeps the right to try-on any change of specification of products in any moment.

We do not bare any responsibility for any inconsistencies in these web pages. GEVE does not bare any legal whatsoever for any loss that is a result of this procedure. Moreover GEVE does not bare any responsibility for any loss that derives from the access and use of pages of this network.

4. Data protection

GEVE respects the secrecy of any person that browses the internet. This article 4 describes the information that GEVE can collect and their way of use.

Personal Data

GEVE does not require your personal information unless you voluntary provide it. If you send GEVE your personal information, those will be stored and used in the future for promotion of products, market research, sales data control and to come in contact with you.

If you don’t wish to receive further information, please, click at the bottom of the pages before you send them. If you have already submitted your personal information and would like from us to withdraw them from our files, please contact us by email that you will find at the lower part of article 4. We will do everything possible to erase your information from our files.

Automatic collection of non personal information

In some cases, we may collect non personal information. For instance the type internet browser you are using, the type of PC function and name of network , you use to connect to our network or advertisements.

Information that we may store onto your computer hard disc drive

When you are connected to the internet, we may store some data onto your computer. These information will have the form of a “Cookie” or some similar file and will help us in various ways. For example Cookies allow us to adjust our pages or our advertisements according to your interests and preferences. With most internet browsers cookies can be deleted from your hard disc drives, blocked or you can set it so that you receive a warning before a cookie is stored. Please see to your internet browser’s instructions or click the “Help” icon in order to find more for these operations.


Please contact us at our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5. Law and jurisdiction

This web page was created to operate according to the Hellenic legislation. In case of relative dispute with this web page, the law of Hellenic Republic will be enforced by the courts of Greece that have the exclusive jurisdiction.

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