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General Commercial Northern Greece S.A. (G.E.V.E S.A) is founded 1995 as a branch office of the group General Commercial and Industrial S.A (G.E.B S.A). In 1999 it became independent company with the head office close to the refinery of Hellenic Petroleum S.A as a supplier of piping material and industrial equipment like valves, fittings, manual and electric power tools, for companies and enterprises in the field of industry, petrochemical industry, navy, water supply and construction.

Our products are made according to international laws and standards of quality, like ANSI, ASTM, API, EN, DIN, ISO, MSS..

During the years, our company has achieved the growth of turn over and experience, which made us one of the leading companies in this field, in Balkan as in Mediterranean in general.

During the 2007, our company has moved to another building, in Industrial Zone Sindos (VI.PE.TH). In our private property is around 20000 square meters, head office and warehouse building, that is equipped fully with modern equipment, that is obligated to have in order to provide quick delivery and serving of our customers.

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