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Human resources

The company has 26 employees as working force, out of which 9 are graduated Universities and 5 of them are graduated Mechanical Engineers.

The company applies a modern System of Quality, while we have International Certificate of Quality ISO 9001:2000 - EN ISO 9001/2000 from the certification company TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) A.E.

Seven members of the Main Board "GENERAL COMMERCIAL NORTHERN GREECE S.A.", are as follows:

Kremidas George President and Managing Adviser
Kremidas Constantine Vice president
Kleopas George Member
Kleopas Stylianos Member
Kourvas Miltiadis Member
Konidiaris Theodoros Member
Kovalas George Member

Partner Stores

  • AVK
  • Cim-Valve
  • KSB
  • Union
  • Norinco
  • Raphael
  • Aris-Valves
  • Viking
  • Gestra
  • italvalvole